the ERL

July 2, 2013


Art Omi/ The Fields Are Alive

​I wonder how my communication device is working? Through remote viewing I sketch the roots growing down and the new leaves budding forth in my hopes for connecting with energies that shed light on this darkness. The jet stream is creating a ‘traffic jam’ the highly caffeinated weatherman yells; Hell fire to the West doldrums in the middle and endless grey skies and flooding rain in the East. The ramped up terrorizing media machine continues to escalate the fear. Humans look to collecting images of blueberry cobbler and messy braided blonde hair on Pinterest flowing amongst chic little cottages and prim castles with positive statements written in script on the walls. You can DIY in a perfect world you’ve curated. Retailers, see what’s trending! Certainly not climate catastrophe, or extinction, or revolution. May a wondrous miracle happen! Something so unimaginably beautiful our collective yearning feels like a loved and understod toddler warmly held in the vast newness of real life!!!

Life is a boucle

"If These Sentences Wash Away" (exceprt from Teo Camporeale's sound piece in Turkish)