the ERL

December 3, 2013

BEing BI-environ

​After a year of focus and surfing the long wide arc of planning, I am in what was a complex thought, a series of conversations leading to very big change. We are ebbing and flowing with the Hudson River, back and forth from the metropolis of NYC to the tiny village of Athens, NY, which apparently is inhabited by many spirits, some in the form of cats and dogs, who freely conduct their lives on the sidewalks with purpose and direction. The cemetery in Athens is oddly peaceful, the dead seem to truly rest, perhaps because time itself has cleansed all memories and left only the pure merging of human spirit with Earth. The living, I’m not sure, they seem mysterious, much more so than the cats and dogs that show themselves.

For now….we start new thoughts in the mystery of this1780 house where every room has another ecosystem, another strange or sweet or hidden tale. I’m on my way to NYC along the Hudson which has merged with the sky seamlessly today. Milk. Smoke. Hoping for light to pierce the density that big change brings and have the endurance to climb the long arc to that deep softness that deep time silently merges all spirit, all energy.