the ERL

May 25, 2013


Bell Garden

​Imagining art works while time is so short, I start to really categorize what is the work for, what it is accomplishing. I don’t think we will totally leave the Earth, or become totally extinct upon it. I think…we will somehow survive here. As a new human, that does new things we can’t imagine yet.

My mind has started to categorize what I imagine or make in to two areas: the work that plants as many trees and plants as possible and nurtures them. Secondly, works that call upon the sweetness of the new human, alleviates some of the suffering that is palpable now in the transition and is likely to increase and, I wonder…will there be a type of brutality that increases monstrously as survival becomes more difficult.

Stamina. A different esthetic, the creation of feeling produced by new work that reaches in to the future. Through sound, through a place, through an amalgam of technology and organic systems. The gooey birthing about to come. Gardens with Bells. Arctic Light. Gardens with recorded sound pieces that play at particular hours of the days.

And, Nothing could be as marvelous as some kind of sign that the sweetness exists beyond our dying planet and cosmic care givers love the poets of Earth and will gift them with sanctuaries. A dream.

Trees for ETs/Art Omi

Excerpt from "INDIGON" by Paula Hayes