the ERL

July 7, 2014


​In the summer of 1993 while walking in the woods at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden I came upon a group of Cimicifuga plants, nearby was a gardener, very quietly tending to the woodland plants. I was enchanted. The tall luminous plants were swaying under the canopy of mixed deciduous trees. Underfoot, the soft fragrant leafy layers that create the springy floor of the woods were cradling me from below. The gardener looked up. She too was in her 30’s, and she was a natural beauty who had a pentagram necklace which signified her as a witch. Obviously a Green Witch. We locked eyes. She softly spoke ‘Blessed Be’, the greeting amongst witches. She put a spell on me I have always felt, to work with plants in my art work. I find myself in a circa 1780 cottage now with a moon garden planted by a witch, and in it, a grouping of Cimicifuga that tower above me.

"This Bird Saved Me" at Rhona Hoffman Gallery

MAD Museum NYC Makers Biennial