October 23, 2023

Chimera studies

Drive to Hudson, transportive thinking, class with Rebecca, somatic studies, a lot of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen lineage, powerful re-membering, a lot of connection in the lifting up to crawl, the struggle, it's all still very alive, palimpsest of experience, such love. Later- exploring why vultures are maligned beings, they are necessary, we can't deal with death. Sondra referred to the short sentence "death is safe" earlier- pretty funny in the context of vultures (the bird). A few swipes at oily clay work, and also tending to the house. Goofy forms. Fun forms. Swimming, gliding, catching waves, flowing with breezes of my soul, trusting muses during sculpting. "She guides" a reference to god.

Sensing.. the gift

Crystal families