the ERL

June 21, 2013


Emscherkunst 2013 Installation photo: Roman Mensing

​We are here in Essen, All is planted, sound piece is hauntingly beautiful in the atmosphere of the re-naturalizing abandoned wastewater treatment basin beside it. Frogs are groaning in the oily pond, poplar trees are rustling, mixing with the words and manipulated field recordings of the sound installation among the circle of 8 trees I planted around the central Amelanchier tree and sitting boulders. It will take the summer for the grasses of the berm which surrounds the space to merge with the meadow beyond, but I can see it with my gardener’s third eye.

There is a ritualistic healing energy in the circle as I hoped, and in fact the plants are pulling toxic metals out of the soil left from the hard core industry of the site. Plants do so much more. To be in their presence is holy. To organize them in a circle is an ancient compulsion for good reason…somehow.

Excerpt from "INDIGON" by Paula Hayes

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