January 8, 2024

Fugitive Garden Statuary and the Yoga Teacher

Today I was texting with my yoga teacher about teaching Surya Namaskar Classical Series as the essential foundation for a vinyasa flow practice in order to teach how to really have freedom with movement in a yoga practice. I was also exploring more deeply the connections I am finding in making sculpture about this part of the process of grief. After all these years of practicing yoga I was having a difficult time teaching the Classical Series precisely. There is a complicated reason, here is an excerpt from my side of the text with my teacher-

"The classical series as a foundation is key and it's not easy though it is so simple- especially for artists, neuro-divergents, (I'm describing myself) but it is what saves me. Really learning it instead of tuning it out and just following it is what I mean, because following is what I had been doing, in general. With more awareness, and somatic practice, I learned to locate where my previously unknown agency was by downloading the foundation details and paying attention to the actual structure, and building with fluidity and confidence from there. But I need to teach it! I mean teach how important it is to find agency through learning not just passively following in a yoga class. Building the language in ones own body, re-membering, one step at a time.

My sculpture feels so much better at it, but that also took time and care to build back. The yoga practice feels IN my body with awareness now and I have a feeling the two practices can meet even more deeply somehow and help me to relate with humans better- mind, body, heart."

Breakthrough Times

Identity in non hardening clay