the ERL

June 14, 2013


Growing Up/ ‘Trees for ETs' at Art Omi

​Yoga practice begins with raising my arms and looking up, inhaling. Sunrise, the sun rising up, illuminating the water, sparkling, reflecting back the light. Up, the plants grow in the growing season.

Looking up at night, at the stars,when the growing happens, wondering, when? When will the growing happen? It would be luxurious to be practical minded, but now there has to be a space created that is energetic and impossible in this language. I want to go back, to Earth, and make the alphabet from the trees again. You can land your glowing orbs in my shapes I opened for you! I know you are not prophets or gurus or anything I can write with letters, I can write with trees! They are growing up toward you because we are nurturing them with our legendary water!

Emscherkunst 2013 Installation photo: Roman Mensing

"If These Sentences Wash Away" (exceprt from Teo Camporeale's sound piece)