the ERL

June 30, 2013


"If These Sentences Wash Away" (exceprt from Teo Camporeale's sound piece in Turkish)

​I collaborated with Teo Camporeale on an outdoor planted artwork with a sound installation in English, German and Turkish (based on a poem written by me) for the landscape I created in the Ruhr region of Germany, for Emscherkunst 2013 through October. The name of the installation “If These Sentences Wash Away” has significance to the area: It is located near an abandoned wastewater treatment basin that is being overcome by a natural ecosystem by means of phyto-remedial plants that grow near the water’s edge, as the high water table has seeped up in to the basin and fish, frogs and a multitude of plants are claiming the basin. The entire region has sunk 30’ from coal mining and is vulnerable to flooding. I planted more phyto-remedial plants and native fruit bearing trees for birds that will stay in the meadow. Hopefully the mystical words and the plants bring good spirits. Certainly the plants will.

Art Omi/ The Fields Are Alive

Excerpt from "INDIGON" by Paula Hayes