the ERL

October 17, 2018


The flame was a camp fire. A young man with a black hat sat at the fire, an hour after sunset. It was cool, not cold, on Earth, where he sat on the ground. The fire was for comfort in his desperation. He had no food. Indigon found Earth, the legendary planet, in the hues of the flame, in a rapturous glitch.

In the man’s retina, she wandered, he cried. His desperation, his loneliness increased. He had no drug to ease the eruption of his increasing anxiety. He wanted Johanna, she was gone, the fire sounded like her silver flute. His eyes burned and welled up in tears.

Indigon burned on Earth. Would Earth be Ok for her to dwell? She felt the wars raging here too. “Wars follow me or do I follow them?” Indigon thought in her un-embodied mind. This man is crying. She left the campfire as a wisp of black smoke.

The deep blue black she was, the blueness, the iridescence of what is transformed! I am Indigon! I am here! I am in the moistness, the desert, the clouds and coral, my life as Indigon energy has found Earth at last! I can wander where I want! I don’t have to stay with this crying man.

The black wisps of her desire encircled his swollen face. His hot tears caught the smudge of the smoke. Indigon swirled in to the salt of his pain. He envisioned a baby named Alchemy. He bowed his head and held his chest with his wiry arms. His black hat fell to the ground. The fire was now coals. He would give up.

Indigon entered his ears as beauty. She entered his nose as joy, his blackness became iridescent and he began to smell the pine and hear the night birds. He took his hat from the ground and wiped his face with his cracked hands. He could be sorry for what he did. He could face the consequence he felt in the misshapen heart in his flesh-covered chest. He could try again.

Indigon was online here, she caught Earth in a random configuration of errors, the life of the universe, the sex of the universe. She couldn’t refuse the sex of the universal tease, no.

Humans have no idea how assembled they are! She gasped as the man arranged his oily hair under his black hat. The coals showed the illumination of love in his eyes. Indigon was infused in the salt on his face in the night. The Indigon energy was in the Earth human opera, their wars and errors.

My new artist book "Lemon Tree Mind" by Paula Hayes with foreword by William J. Simmons will be available 2/14/2019

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