October 28, 2023

Lunar Eclipse Elsewhere

There was a lunar eclipse today, but not for this time zone of the planet, it was bright and sunny here while folks in Australia and Asia were having it. Eclipses are a way of witnessing cosmic synchronization beyond the daily or monthly calendar format. Predicting eclipses means we are making mental models of a dance.

I looked at the Mayan Dresden Codex-

Pages 51 and 58 are an eclipse table. The table contains a warning of all solar and most lunar eclipses. It does not specify which ones will be visible in the Maya area. The length of the table is 405 synodic lunations (439.5 draconic months, about 33 years). It was meant to be recycled and has a periodic correction scheme. The starting date is in the eighth century and has corrections allowing it to be used up to the eighteenth century. The table also relates eclipses and lunar phenomena to the cycles of Venus, possibly Mercury and other celestial and seasonal phenomena.
Bricker, Harvey, and Victoria R. Bricker (1983) Classic Maya Prediction of Solar Eclipses. Current Anthropology. Vol. 24, pp. 1-23.

Before sculpting I tended to the garden continuing to prepare it for winter. It was very warm and humid so it didn't feel right but I did it. I wanted the physicality of gardening in the sculpting, and perhaps the strange warmth did get in to my approach, it certainly was good for working with Plastalina. My hands were agile and warm.

I typically can start sculpting after 3 pm, my body and mind are ready to enter it- by 6 pm today the head of the figure tilted back and the right arm of the figure rose up toward binding at the back. The head is removed from the torso with coils (serpent?) releasing from the figure's mind.

At 9 pm I saw Venus bright enough to fully shine in concert with the full moon above the garden. I imagined what it would be like to look to majestic sources of light in endless darkness for answers and organize it in to symbols like the Mayans. Will there be a future human that wonders about what is was like to look to symbols in the light of this computer screen for answers not knowing how childlike it was to believe it? it?

I re-focused on the face after 9 pm.

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