November 14, 2023

A different channel

Yoga class today with Sondra Loring at Sadhana, Hudson, NY- a Vinyasa sequence with hands placed over heart beginning in Utkatasana (chair pose) flowed through many standing balancing poses connecting me to internal states, pairing deep emotional exploration and intellectual precision. The class included coupling standing poses such as releasing an arrow from a bow in Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2 pose) and an esoteric seated release of a bow from an arrow in Dandasana- a sublime experience in Sondra’s poetic wording. Shavasana was accompanied by a complete verbal body scan with the sound of bubbling boiling liquid, with cues of soft, warm, oil or liquid butter- emollients deep inside. I felt my body being stewed, falling away from the bones, and at peace.

The somatic practices (yoga, movement, dance) has found its way directly in to my sculptural practice- the sculptures are flowing out from a visceral process, maybe running on a different channel, or a series of interconnected rivers, flowing out from a source inside a mountain.

Writing about the sculpture gets kinda hazy, I feel apologetic about that, but why? Of course it does, it's messy in here, or tangled, and certainly all the selves are flickering, called upon around the campfire. I'm going to be writing about this not in one sitting, check back if you are interested. I edit over time, add, erase, fix my writing.

I ate some very freakishly sugary candied grapefruit and am feeling bonkers as I type this paragraph. My body is a diaspora caused by a sugar blast from the comet of my decision to eat these sour bombs. Stay focused and concentrate on the sculpture process.

Is it a kind of meditation practice, bringing me into the present? "I am sculpting I know I am sculpting" Is it an expanded somatic practice uniting body, mind, heart in a tactile practice?