the ERL

July 31, 2013


Open for Extraordinary-Terrestrial life at Art Omi

​I visited the growth of the planting at my installation at Art Omi yesterday: The meadow is creeping in to the edges of the communication device..NICE!!! I laid upon the Earth, my favorite position to be in, sitting on the Earth is great too, but laying upon the massive life I am in the web of is a juicy re-charge.

Earlier in the day I was with a building inspector who had a device that could read the temperature of building surfaces and even ‘outer space’ when I asked him to point it upward: minus 23 degrees F. So as Iaid down on the Earth and looked up to cool space and asked, open armed, for any life out there, come to me, I am about 96.8 degrees (low body temp for a human.) I am open, already blown away by the miraculous and ready to share.

"If These Sentences Wash Away": my collaboration with Teo Camporeale at Emscherkunst 2013, Germany

Life is a boucle