the ERL

August 3, 2013


"If These Sentences Wash Away": my collaboration with Teo Camporeale at Emscherkunst 2013, Germany

​There are adventures ahead.The slow revelation of works that must grow at their own pace, be listened to at a pace that takes more time than a sound byte; This is a way that has a struggle inside of its gentle spirit. That’s where the artistry comes in, and the stamina. Realizing as an artist that you are not guilty and you are not on the defense is the greatest lesson. Creating a kind of sweet armor that lifts your heart up to be open to the spirits of magical leaps of transformation in the face of negativity/oppression is the gym you go to daily. You go to this gym as a person. You have to practice to build the strength. You have to know yourself as you work out. You build the strength to look at yourself naked.

I am excited about Marina Abromnovic questing to raise the money for a foundation for long duration performance work in Hudson, NY. I’m moving to Hudson this fall.

The Four Elements – Catskill Mountain House, by Thomas Cole

Open for Extraordinary-Terrestrial life at Art Omi