October 26, 2023

Teaching Community Yoga and sculpture

I teach yoga from a place of compassion for the beginner, the healing, the tentative, the people who are finding their way, because I'm one.

I had a profound experience this week in Rebecca Posner's class who utilizes techniques developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in her yoga/movement class. I felt myself connecting all the way back to the first time lifting up before taking off crawling. The blending of practices is super beneficial at Sadhana Center for Meditation and Yoga, Hudson, NY where I teach the Community Class on Thursday nights. Yoga and dance are offered and I feel like I'm getting somewhere after being knocked to the ground and having to get up and start again.

The sculptures are doing something now too, almost like a gift to me for getting back in my body. I had an emotional experience today while driving back from class. I was listening to a Sebadoh song, Willing to Wait, 1996, in the car, pretty loud. It's a love song of course, that's Sebadoh's thing, and I was all the people in the lyrics. I was also the soaring vultures, the intensely colorful leaves of the trees along the road, the road kill, and all the fantastic versions of myself through time in my imagination -all swirling in the present. The daily movement practices I'm doing are layered and helping me to feel wild like this. I feel it in my hands with clay, and sense my entire body moving in the forms I'm sculpting; there are plants, animals, myths, Pan, and Shiva- I'm re-wilding my selves.

Many internal labyrinths and pathways can be experienced in a yoga class. A teacher can help. As a teacher I have to go there myself first, it's got to be alive and real in me and I then, I can bring it.

Sculpture model for casting in bronze

The Science of Color

Sensing.. the gift