the ERL

August 29, 2013


The Four Elements – Catskill Mountain House, by Thomas Cole

The Extraordinary Terrestrials ​don’t think in a linear way because its natural. ‘Ghetto science’ and denial of what can’t be proven with Industrial Era tools is a cop out term to new doors of perception.

Teeming with life the Earth is further cultivated for food by Earthlings. This relationship has been accepted as the peaceful coexistence of Earthling to Earth. The give and take of love can be understood if Earthlings softly stretch.

Meanwhile, meteors, bringing nutrients for life continue to come. They bring Newness. In the possibility of total demise of this phase of consciousness by their potential impact, harmonic relations can and do exist on this wondrous planet, in the art of the Extraordinary Terrestrials.

In the glow of star engines, radiant skies flicker across the revolving orb as if in a perpetual harmonic clock of spectral originality. Is it really true that only cataclysm can tear open that illusionary comfort zone that holds back the truth?

The Children of Omi

"If These Sentences Wash Away": my collaboration with Teo Camporeale at Emscherkunst 2013, Germany