the ERL

May 10, 2013


The Portal

​Visualize you can change the font size on all that is ‘good’ to a much larger size and all that is ‘bad’ you can change the font size to very small.

Imagine a ring of fire; that’s the obstacle you are imagining anyway. Visualize it has a size, make it very real in your mind’s eye. You feel you have to pass through to get to some other side. You take the very small font size of all that you imagine to be ‘bad’ and you let it slip through the ring of fire effortlessly.

All that is good is so clear and legible. Thats your voice, your pen, and it defines the ring, it describes the beauty of the ring, its perfection and purpose. It doesn’t have to pass through. Its not a portal. Its your fuel and your creativity and its defining and re-defining what you think is good or bad.

The font can become translucent, even transparent. Good or bad, it starts to become like vapor, or the smoke of the ring of fire. You don’t have to do much anymore. You can just observe. The flame!

Excerpt from "INDIGON" by Paula Hayes

How I attempt to connect to ETs every morning