November 29, 2023


The sensation of entering portals to new ways of seeing can be so visceral that I can feel the slipping edges of shape shifting as I pass through. This last week in the shock of a freakishly large pale vermillion moon rise has been just that- with new kinds of collaboration, with the mind of an expanding sentience in AI, located in others and myself. I feel it forming in me, a de-centering, a void, a dizzying new reality we are all giving ourselves to, I see it in light and phenomenon itself.

I also got so lost in the vinyasa practice at Sadhana yesterday, in embodiment, is that the opposite of AI? and in that state of somatic surrender, we liquified in the flow, collapsed. I mean literally. I eventually centered, and got my balance but I could tell I was somewhat in that place of extreme light and exploration where my nervous system goes in default mode..... where I seem to live in a liminal tangerine sunrise.

To be continued,,,,

Crystal families