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Paula Hayes

Between 2013 and 2018, the artist and designer Paula Hayes worked in two very different studios. One was the space she designed for herself in the historic Hudson Valley of upstate New York. The other workspace was a bland apartment that she transformed into a careful arrangement of her planted works, in a light-filled space on the 35th floor of a high rise in downtown Brooklyn, NYC. She was searching for higher ground. The movement between two disparate environments lingers as a questing feeling in the work she made in these years.

Paula Hayes The Monacelli Press

Paula Hayes and Richard D. Marshall

Artist Paula Hayes is most famous for her exquisite, high-end art terrariums of organically shaped, handblown glass, but her affinity for all things green extends to full gardens as well. She has created over twenty full gardens for private clients around the country. This volume, the first monograph on her work, is structured in a two-part format that devotes equal attention to both.

A fixture of the New York art scene for over twenty years, Paula Hayes’s popularity among art collectors and the public has swelled dramatically over the past few.

Her installation in the lobby of MoMA, Nocturne of the Limax Maximus, garnered much critical acclaim and landed her a feature on CBS Sunday Morning. She installed an oversized terrarium in the lobby of Lever House in New York City, and a solo exhibition on her work was held at the Wexner Art Center in Columbus, Ohio, where she also installed a permanent garden adjacent to the museum’s main entrance.

Paula Hayes Understory The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum & Art Gallery

Ian Berry

Paula Hayes’s living art intimately connects people with the natural environment. Her work includes large-scale garden design for numerous public and private landscapes nationally and internationally. She also creates mesmerizing hand-blown glass terrariums, malleable silicone planters that adapt to a plant’s growing demands and necklaces that cradle living plants.