Emscherkunst, 2013

Began June 22, 2013—October 6, 2013

“The Ehemalige Kläranlage Duisburg Kleine Emscher wastewater basin enchanted me when I first saw it because plants and fish were living in the ruins. Cracks in the concrete bottom and a high water table gave way to a small aquatic ecosystem that was starting the process of life systems and cleansing the water without human intervention. Working with the Emsherkunst support team over a one year period, I developed a park concept that would be used by the community by planting plants suitable for phytoremediation of the land surrounding this particular basin in the facility. Funding collapsed so I adapted the concept to a temporary smaller version for the summer. I collaborated with composer Teo Camporeale. The sound piece was part of the healing in the planted landscape, for me as well. The work intended not to erase what was done there by humans, but to allow it to be habitable by living beings amongst the remnants of these monuments to humans’ efforts to control nature, disastrously.