Tang Teaching Museum, 2010-2011

Began July 17, 2010—April 17, 2011

For Understory, the Tang Museum’s Payne Room was re-invented as a multi use environment with many types of life systems inter-acting in interchangeable ways. I planted Norfolk Pines in silicone planters to create a leafy lounge during normal gallery times, and re-arranged the pines to allow for a series of ten dinners to be held among the trees, each with a particular topic to be presented. The dinners were had on a complete set of dinnerware that I designed, that was then stored on shelves that had wallpaper that was designed for the exhibition behind the stacks of plates, bowls, cups and glasses after the dinners. A series of hand-blown glass terrariums, home to a variety of plants and gems, were tended to by a Skidmore student throughout the year became centerpieces for the dinners. An animated film titled, ‘Jill Poet’s Earthly Practice’ in which I collaborated with Teo Camporeale played during exhibition hours and was the sound in the pines and growing terrariums that were tended to in the exhibition space.