Dominique's Garden 2023

Beginning this garden design commission in 2006, I have continued to sculpt and nurture it until the spring of 2023. Over these 17 years, while the garden has transformed, so have I. One of the most profound lessons I've learned from this this garden is the wonder of preserving trees and shrubs, especially when faced with significant changes, such as the large addition to the architecture.

Throughout this project, the garden underwent dramatic renovations. We moved an entire rock garden to accommodate the construction and then carefully returned it to its original position. The plants, initially grown together and bearing the scars of their close proximity, were given time and space to adjust. It was remarkable to witness how, with patience and care, they healed and thrived once again.

This experience taught me the importance of re-orienting plants within a garden, granting me the opportunity to appreciate them anew in varied configurations. It was a lesson rich in both practical and metaphorical significance. While it may sound trite, it holds undeniable truth and meaning in the realm of garden making. The act of rearranging the plants, and seeing them flourish in new settings, brought forth an understanding that growth and renewal can emerge from disruption.

I delved into these insights with greater clarity thanks to Dominique's unwavering commitment. Her dedication to the plants was instrumental in navigating the garden's evolution, marked by resilience, deepening my appreciation for the transformative power of thoughtful garden design.