Seaside Residence 2007

I designed this Seaside Landscape in collaboration with Richard Cook of Cook + Fox Architects and Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects. I hand placed each plant, chosen meticulously from a mostly native selection. The goal was to envelop the house into the seaside vegetation. The result was chiaroscuro waves of blues, greens, and yellows in the closed-in beds and in gradual, monochromatic blends of subtle hues across the land’s open areas. Lower-profile, common plants blended together to obscure the edges of beds and borders, and native plants grouped added shifts in texture. The overall effect is simplicity which is always ironic since it is a slow, careful, contnuing process to get there. Nothing replaces time either. You have to just weather it out and let nature play a role in some of the sculpting, which of course is the real beauty.